MCC – Spolupráca viacerých posádok

Multi-crew Cooperation (MCC) is a training course that enables aircraft pilots to fly multi-crew aircraft. It is a requirement before a pilot can complete a multi-crew aircraft type rating. It is also required for the issue of an Airline Transport Pilot licence (ATPL) or a Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL).

This training is the last module before the Type Rating.

Our Multi-Crew Cooperation course focuses on acquiring and practicing the fundamental knowledge of how to operate safely and effectively in a multi-pilot environment. The course provides participants with the opportunity to practice the skills needed to be effective team members and leaders.

After completing the course, the applicant should be familiar with the general principles of a multi-member environment. The training is carried out by qualified instructors with significant experience in the work of active pilots.

The training is arranged with us on a Boeing B737 Full Flight Simulator.

Price of the course

on request due to seasonal changes of simulator costs

What you will learn

The training includes both theoretical and practical elements and is designed to achieve the following competencies: Communication, flight management, workload management, leadership and team working  , problem solving and decision making, task sharing, monitoring and crosschecking, situation awareness, systems normal operations, systems abnormal and emergency operations, use of checklists, briefings and many others competencies.


Course duration

10 days of intensive course

– Technical Computer-Based Training: 25 hours/days

– Classroom and Computer-Based Training: 25 hours/days

– Practical/Simulator training: 20 hours in B737 full-flight simulator (FFS)

Course venue

Minimum entry requirements

– English language proficiency

– Candidate shall be the holder of a PPL(A) or a CPL(A), including a valid instrument rating

– The holder of a PPL(A) shall hold a valid class 2 medical certificate including a pure tone audiometry examination. The holder of a CPL(A) shall hold a valid class 1 medical certificate.

– Hold a valid Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR)

– Have a flight crew license (theoretical ATPL with valid EASA/JAA CPL)

Sign up for the Intensive Multi Crew Cooperation course and become a professional pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes.

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