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LeMar Jet Training is an international flight academy based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The academy provides training courses in cooperation with the Austrian training organization Punitz Flugbetrieb GmbH.

At LeMar Jet Training we are committed to meeting your expectations and making your dreams come true. Our company offers training services at a professional level, which includes courses for future flight attendants and Type Ratings for pilots. All trainings are conducted according to the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) standards.

Cabin crew intensive course

Become a highly skilled and professionally trained flight attendant.

Enrol in our Cabin Crew Intensive Course and be ready to work in one of the most interesting and exciting industries.  Join our intensive training program, which opens the door to the world of aviation.

If you are thinking about working in aviation, this is your chance. By completing the course, you will receive an Austrian flight attendant license – The Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA). This certificate is valid and recognized throughout all countries in the European Union.

The next available course date

is scheduled for 25 November 2024.

Courses and type ratings for pilots

After finishing the CPL training, every young pilot has a new milestone to achieve – securing a Type Rating. Having a Type Rating provides a supplementary pilot licence confirmation that attests to their capability and authorization to operate a particular aircraft type.

Boeing 737 Type Rating course

After finishing the CPL training, every young pilot has a new milestone to achieve – securing a Type Rating. Having a Type Rating provides a supplementary pilot licence confirmation that attests to their capability and authorization to operate a particular aircraft type.

Choosing to enrol for Boeing 737 Type Rating course gives you the opportunity to learn all the peculiarities of piloting one of the most popular airplanes in the world.

The Boeing Type Rating courses are customized based on the student´s needs.

The final program is tailored to your preferences and includes all required theory, simulator and flight training.

TRI/SFI – Type Rating Instructor and Synthetic Flight Instructor (Boeing 737)

The goal of the TRI/SFI course is to prepare experienced pilots to the standards required to be able to train other pilots themselves. We at LeMar Jet Training provide you the initial TRI/SFI training, the revalidation as well as the renewal of it.

MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation

Experience is a blend of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform an assignment to specified standard.

The intension of the MCC training is to improve the technical and non-technical elements of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to operate a multicrew aircraft. MCC training creates an environment where the new pilots will learn decision making, communication, allocation of tasks, mutual supervision, use of checklist, teamwork and the support through all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

The course contains both ground and simulator training teaching you first principles of sharing the workload with another pilot, in a flight deck environment.

Our Team

Cpt Miroslav Kaliciak

Accountable Manager

Miroslav Kaliciak has over 50 years of professional experience as a commercial pilot with almost 20.000 flight hours. Over 4000 hours are as a commander on Boeing 737. During his aviation career he shared his knowledge in different management position, instructor examiner and test pilot for different airlines. Currently he is a Charter and ACMI specialists and Crew Training Manager for Go2Sky.

Cpt Franz Reumann

Commercial Director

Franz Reumann has an extensive experience and strong background in aviation for over 26 years. Determined by his aviation enthusiasm, he served as a Captain for SAAB340 and Boeing 737, as well as a PPL and CPL Flight Instructor and Type Rating Examiner.

Furthermore, he occupied various management and airline positions during his career.

Cpt Tomas Kaliciak

Director of Training

Tomas Kaliciak has over 15 years of experience as a commercial pilot. He started his career on Boeing 737 in SkyEurope and later continued flying for one of the largest carriers in UAE. Currently, as a captain, he flies for Go2Sky. With experience of over 9000 flying hours, driven by his passion for flying, his skills in Boeing 737 and Commercial Aviation, he became a Type Rating Examiner and a Type Rating Instructor.

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