Typová kvalifikace pro Boeing 737

Boeing 737 Type Rating Course is delivered in accordance with the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) requirements and with the Boeing training programs. The training is carried out by qualified instructors with significant experience in the work of active pilots. The refresher training for the revalidation and renewal of your B737 TR certificates can be also done at our LeMar Jet Training company.

Price of the course

upon request due to seasonal changes of simulator costs

Course duration

30 days of intensive course

– Theoretical instruction: 120 hours

  (60 hours of computer-based training + 60 hours of classroom training)

– Full Flight Simulator (FSTD): 32 hours

– Base training – take offs and landings:  1.5 hours

Course venue

Minimum entry requirements

– English language proficiency

– ATPL, MPL or CPL with valid ME IR (A)

– Valid 1st Class Medical certificate

– Theoretical ATP exams (frozen ATPL)

– MCC certificate (MCC course can be integrated into TR course)

Sign up for the Intensive Boeing 737 Type Rating course and become a pilot of one of the most popular planes in the world.


Your registration is binding. After registration, you will receive payment details. After making the payment, you will receive an e-mail with detailed information about the venue, the schedule and a list of things to take with you.